Home sweet home…chez moi – LB Arredamenti


Our home is our nest. On Maslow’s scale of needs he ranks second among primary needs. The need of security … but it is much more than that. In our house only intimate people come in, the dearest people we care about or whom we at least trust. When I go to my clients’ house the first times, I go tiptoe, so as not to invade their privacy without having permission. The clients I have known for years consider me like of family and I often also know the importance of the meaning of each object that decorates their home … a photo … a painting … an ornament and their pet. Only my closest friends come to my house, and my loved ones and I love cooking for them. The kitchen is one of my passions and it is a space that requires a significant dimension in my case. My house says a lot about me … the walls speak for themselves. Whoever enters here for the first time is very surprised because when I am at my house I am more relaxed and put aside that aspect of a reserved woman, a little too serious …. so they say. Today I want to open the doors of my house to all of you, to give you the opportunity to know an aspect of me that is known only to a few people, and to give me the chance to be a little more affable and less introspective.This is my nest and I like to spend hours there alone in my spare time. Here i isolate myself from everything and everyone and live in my dream world of reading, art, sport and good food. I think that spending some time with yourself is useful to recharge and not to lose the direction of your dreams … at least this happens to me. I collect works of art mostly from artists of Vittorio Veneto … and also the book I’m reading is a novel by the writer of Vittorio Veneto, Diego  Opalio. As you can see I love the home decoration. In the past I had a home accessories store and this passion stayed with me. Here the vases and the candlestick are from the Mara Dal Cin  store. Each object has its own because here. Many of these objects are symbols or memories of a few moments or they are emotional anchors that bring me back to significant moments in my life or simply to something in which I strongly believe. In the past the lack of trust was one of my weak points …. Today, thanks also to small successes achieved by myself and to these objects of strengthening positive memory, I strongly believe in life, in people and in my surroundings.

I believe that even what happens by chance is never a case, just learn to read between the lines of our life. If one thing does not work, it is because life tries to take us to a more just path for us or tries to make us angry that our deepest passion for what we do comes out into the open. My passion came out into the open in my greatest anger towards life and destiny … but then I discovered that destiny has always been my most faithful friend and today I embrace it with all of myself …


L.B. Arredamenti

I chose L.B. Arredamenti, a shop of Vittorio Veneto to furnish my nest … after much research I saw that this shop has best interpreted my needs and has been able to create a bright and spacious environment as I like it. So I can best welcome my friends for dinners and happy aperitifs. I love cooking fish that requires a lot of processing, but with this kitchen with a view peninsula I can entertain my guests with an aperitif even while I cook. Obviously the table must be extensible beyond measure … and can accommodate up to 14 people. The colors of the furniture for me are fundamental … not too invasive, in fact white prevails, but the brown of the table by a bit of warmth and the lacquered black of the kitchen giv that touch of grit that represents me, recalling a modern environment from metropolitan city. But the surprising panorama of this environment is the Santuario di Sant’Augusta clinging to the mountains of Vittroio Veneto.


The furniture is deliberately very neutral … mostly in white to leave space to the color of the works of art. On the kitchen counter there are the “ROBOTS” by Maurizio Armellin, white and black plexiglass sculptures, the picture above the sofa is “Il toro” by Masa (Davide Maset), the quadroscultura with books next to the sofa is by Sara Marchetto, the giant meter hanging above the table is by Carmine Calvanese, the abstract painting in the entrance is by mpelio Zappalorto, the picture behind the table is a photo of an installation by Sissi, an internationally renowned Bolognese artist, who honored for a few years Vittorio Veneto of his presence having been the girlfriend of Nico Vascellari, a very well-known artist from Vittorio Veneto. I should spend for each of these artists more than two lines … I know all these artists personally and I know the passion that everyone puts into their work. Each in its own way transmits emotions without equal, certain ironically and other more seriously. I love irony and i choose works that make people laugh by saying serious things …


Today I present a decidedly informal outfit, pajamas and a dressing gown by Intimissimi, but I can’t give up on the heels and I wear a black sandal with colored stones, suitable for many summer outfits. The silver vases behind the sofa, the silver chandelier on the table, the perfume diffusers on the living room , the gold and white leather cushions on the sofa and the black vases with flowers are from the Mara Dal Cin store … clothing and home decoration.



Home decoration by Mara Dal Cin:
black vases, silver vases, Sem Vaccaro python cushions, silver candelabrum and perfume diffusers

Pajamas and bed robes by Intimissimi

Sandals ASH by Peccolo Calzature

Earrings by Balliana Gioielli

Etnia Barcellona glasses by Ottica Piccin

Book “A half anchor” by Diego Opalio

Furnishings by L.B.Arredamenti