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Castrum of Serravalle – The Castle that opens the doors to culture

Castrum of Serravalle

Do you want to dream and get carried away by an evocative atmosphere of the past, between theatrical culture, good wine and a bit of history? Or are you looking for a dream location for a romantic weekend? Then don’t miss the opportunity to attend this beautiful location …

Ada Marcantonio is the Castellana of the Castrum of Serravalle. When he kindly welcomed me in his Castle, and allowed me to visit him, I was invited for a pleasant aperitif in his private living room to share the common passion for Serravalle and Vittorio Veneto. On this occasion he told me a little about her …. The Castle was acquired by his father in the 30s, when it was a ruin and with great patience it was restored and restored to its former glory. It is 12,000 square meters of land on which stand three towers of medieval origin, the Castle is part of a Medieval Village which today is integrated with the rest of the city. Thanks to the current owner, Ada Marcantonio who has lived there since 1971, this private residence is open to the public through a series of cultural activities. Amici del Castrum is the cultural association that promotes the Serravalle Festival – Teatro al Castello, which takes place within the walls of the Castrum. The event takes place between June and July and boasts guests of national fame. There is the Enoteca Al Castrum, carved into the rock, really impressive. It is available to the public for private parties, all year round and in summer regularly open at night on weekends and Sunday for lunch for a refined aperitif … Let’s not forget the Bed & Breakfast Castrum di Serravalle for a dream stay at the Castello di Serravalle. In fact Ada Marcantonio, with his extraordinary welcome, has created a B&B inside the castle, making available also his fabulous stay, for breakfast, when each apartment is occupied. From the photos and links you can see this splendor in all its nuances …

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Also watch this video on Siamo Noi – VittorioVeneto, Castrum di Serravalle


MY OUTFIT – miniskirts and boots

The environment of bygone days and the animalier fashion for autumn winter 2018, led me to choose an outfit at Audrey Hepburn. The vintage snakeskin handbag by Isyou could not have been better matched. The piece I love most in this outfit is the high boot by ELENA IACHI by Peccolo, which goes well with the animalier coat and is perfect with the simple miniskirt. I don’t want to comment beyond this outfit because the images speak for themselves …

Where can you buy these clothes in Vittorio Veneto?


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Animalier coat, skirt and sweater by Dani Shop

Black boots ELENA IACHI by Peccolo Calzature

Silk snake bag by Isyou

JPLUS glasses by Ottica Piccin

Earrings by Balliana Gioielli



Through our external appearance we often express our dreams, the desires of belonging to a group, to a thought. Following our passions allows us to express our most hidden self to others. Whether it’s a sport, a cultural passion like theater or whatever … This helps us get closer to our fellow men … The more we dream and the more we fight for our dreams, the more we discover what we really are.

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