Piazza Flaminio - Vittorio Veneto - Manuela Gisel Altoè - foto Renato Zanette Fotografo

Light like a swallow and not like a feather

Hello beautiful people, have you ever felt an immense desire for lightness? It happens to me when I get to face the weekend, after a busy week. Heavier and hectic is the week more I need lightness. Having the mental ability to pass from heaviness to lightness without losing the sense of orientation is not easy. Let go like a swallow, keeping control of the flight direction and do not stagger to the right and ...

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Tuta Elisabetta Franchi - Minigonneesantaugusta.com - Manuela Gisel Altoè - Foto Renato Zanette Fotografo

The legend of Santa Augusta and its miraculous stone

Hello beautiful people, today the background of my outfit is the fantastic Sanctuary of Santa Augusta, the place that I love most of Vittorio Veneto. Here I am relaxed. The look in this case is very important, worthy of this elegant staircaselocated at the foot of the Sanctuary and is the starting point. Now we devote ourselves to the outfit and then I'll tell you all the details of Santa Augusta. My favorite designer, ...

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