Castello di San Martino – Casa di Spiritualità e Cultura

IL CASTELLO DI SAN MARTINO Il Castello di San Martino che si trova a Ceneda sul colle di San Martino, è un suggestivo decoro per la città di Vittorio Veneto che domina dall'alto e di notte la illumina rendendola ancora più accatttivante. Il Castello di San Martino è da un migliaio di anni circa, residenza del Vescovo di Ceneda di Vittorio Veneto. In precedenza è stato residenza di duchi e conti ...

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Villa Croze, Civic Gallery “Vittorio Emanuele II” and location for small events

Villa Croze Vittorio Veneto is a city rich in villas and museums, but Villa Croze deserves special attention for its multi-functionality as well as for the charm of this building and the importance of the collection it houses. We are talking about 620 works from the Paludetti collection, this is one of the most important art collections in the Veneto region of the early 1900s, including Pino Casarin, Guido Cadorin, Armando ...

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Palazzo Rova, sumptuous and elegant environment.

PALAZZO ROVA The Palazzo Rova, one of the most beautiful historic buildings in Serravalle di Vittorio Veneto that dates back to the end of the fifteenth century, is today used for events of any kind, such as banquets, weddings, anniversaries, conferences and cultural events. The Rova palace has a façade rich in frescoes painted in 1522 by Ludovico Chio. The interior is made up of majestic rooms, carefully furnished that maintain ...

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Le Macine Hotel & Restaurant – How to celebrate the New Year

Le Macine Hotel Restaurant The restaurant is located in the heart of the island on the Meschio river. Every corner is cared for down to the last detail and nothing is left to chance. Originally it was the Del Favero stone mill, which dates back to the 18th century. In the early 1900s the mill was modified and transformed into a modern industrial mill, among the first in the area. The ...

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Castrum-N-VittorioVeneto-ManuelaGiselAltoè-RenatoZanetteFotografo-Dani-PeccoloCalzature-OtticaPiccin-.jpg (FILEminimizer)

Castrum of Serravalle – The Castle that opens the doors to culture

Castrum of Serravalle Do you want to dream and get carried away by an evocative atmosphere of the past, between theatrical culture, good wine and a bit of history? Or are you looking for a dream location for a romantic weekend? Then don't miss the opportunity to attend this beautiful location ... Ada Marcantonio is the Castellana of the Castrum of Serravalle. When he kindly welcomed me in his Castle, and allowed ...

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Battle Museum – It tells the First World War

BATTLE MUSEUM The Battle Museum  is an important national landmark for the First World War. It was inaugurated on November 2, 1938, thanks to the donation of the objects of the Great War, by the soldier of Vittorio Veneto, Luigi Marson, who was a Boy of 99 'and grenadiers in the First World War. The palace where the Battle Museum is located is the ancient Loggia di Ceneda which was built in 1537/38, on the ...

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Lake Morto – Summer is still inside us

LAKE MORTO Lake Morto, is called so because it has neither tributaries nor emissaries, but it is powered by underground karst basins ... I assure you that if you go early in the morning, before 10.00, in a sense it seems hell ... Wind very strong , no sun, but there are a lot of windsurf that color the lake. At about 10.00, everything changes. The sun arrives, the wind ceases and ...

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Blue Lakes Park- Have love for yourself and you will also love what surrounds you.

BLUE LAKES PARK The Blue Lakes Park was a forgotten and impractical place, until the local people, who felt a deep love for this place, took care of it. Today the Blue Lakes Park is a paradise still hidden by many, which really deserves a visit. You can immediately see how much care and passion has dedicated the local people of the Val Lapisina association. The Parco Laghi Blu is equipped ...

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Hotel Calvi – Escape of love

Hi guys, Hotel Calvi  is one of the most romantic places for hospitality in Vittorio Veneto. August is a hot month in every sense. We often stop to think about where we have arrived and in what direction we are going. Holidays and breaks generally serve this purpose. They are a moment of relaxation and inner growth. We look inside ourselves and try to understand what happens. Travel and holidays generally serve this purpose. ...

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