Lake Morto – Summer is still inside us

LAKE MORTO Lake Morto, is called so because it has neither tributaries nor emissaries, but it is powered by underground karst basins ... I assure you that if you go early in the morning, before 10.00, in a sense it seems hell ... Wind very strong , no sun, but there are a lot of windsurf that color the lake. At about 10.00, everything changes. The sun arrives, the wind ceases and ...

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Blue Lakes Park- Have love for yourself and you will also love what surrounds you.

BLUE LAKES PARK The Blue Lakes Park was a forgotten and impractical place, until the local people, who felt a deep love for this place, took care of it. Today the Blue Lakes Park is a paradise still hidden by many, which really deserves a visit. You can immediately see how much care and passion has dedicated the local people of the Val Lapisina association. The Parco Laghi Blu is equipped ...

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