Grotte del Caglieron - costume Twin Set - pareo Verdissima - occhiali Etnia Barcelona - Balliana Gioielli - sabot Roberto Festa Milano - Manuela Gisel Altoè - Minigonne e Sant'Augusta - Renato Zanette fotografo

Caves of Caglieron, waterfalls and bikinis

Hi guys,

the Caglieron Caves are the background of my Twin Set bikini. With a red costume so beautiful, I wanted a wild background in the middle of nature that makes you think of a tropical holiday…Actually I assure you that the temperature is not tropical, it is realy chilly. But I’ll tell you about it, now let’s dedicate ourselves to the outfit.

Grotte del Caglieron - costume Twin Set - pareo Verdissima - occhiali Etnia Barcelona - Balliana Gioielli - sabot Roberto Festa Milano - Manuela Gisel Altoè - Minigonne e Sant'Augusta - Renato Zanette fotografo -


It’s time for the sea, the sun has finally arrived and the temperatures are perfect. So why not dare with a nice red bikini that stands out even when we are not yet tanned. Let’s add a nice red sabot with heel, by the designer Roberto Festa Milano, what do you think? The gold heel is really special, has a very original shape. When the bikini has a strong color, the rest must also be strong…A woman in red does not fear criticism and loves not to go unnoticed, at least for that day. Yes, because for us women, the days are not all the same. According to the mood we decide how to dress, for this reason the wardrobe must always be well stocked. So dear men, if you see a woman in red, know that the day is conducive to socialization. But that does not mean that a woman who dresses in red is available. This misunderstanding often occurs.

Where can you buy these clothes in Vittorio Veneto?

The Twin Set bikini and the Verdissima pareo can be purchased from Intimo Carla in Via delle Terme 5. By the way, the sarong is always a nice solution that takes away little space in the bag and is useful both as beach towel and as a costume cover. The red sabots of the designer  Roberto Festa Milano  can be purchased by Francesco Paludetti Calzature in Viale della Vittoria 239. The round and large Etnia Barcelona  sunglasses have beautiful nuances on both the lens and the frame. These can be purchased from Ottica Piccin in Via Manin 146.

I left last the necklace that deserves special attention, for its shape and brightness. The necklace is stiff and is in shiny silver and illuminates my face. This can be purchased from Balliana Gioielli in Viale della Vittoria 219.

Grotte del Caglieron - costume twin set - pareo verdissima - Gioielli Balliana - Etnia Barcelona - Manuela Gisel Altoè - Minigonne e Santa Augusta - Renato Zanette fotografo -


The Caves of Caglieron are in Breda di Fregona, a few kilometers from the center of Vittorio Veneto. The noise of the waterfalls accompanied by the scents of nature and the striking colors, stun. When you get out of there, the mood can not be the same as when you entered. During the walk, which is about 1 km, I feel really small, towards nature. They will be the waterfalls of over 10 meters, in some cases. Or the games of shadows and lights that filter in these huge caves, partly natural, and partly created in the sixteenth century by man. The latter were created by removing pieces of sandstone (pietra dolce), by hand with huge chisels. The rock was used for cornices and architraves of the palaces of Vittorio Veneto, still visible in certain historic buildings.

You can see the artificial caves, in the photo above, where I am very small, and I wonder how men have done all this, by hand, keeping the huge columns you see as support. The wooden walkways, are in some cases very sloping and we recommend comfortable shoes with non-smooth soles, because the path is wet and slippery, given the microclimate of this wonderful environment. The part of the caves that has been created naturally is the result of the Caglieron stream, which with its impetus has dug into the rock and created limestone stratifications at the base. Certainly it is a place of interest for geology enthusiasts.

-The Cave of the Madonna

The Caves of Caglieron are also a point of religious interest since just off the path, climbing a stairway you get to the Grotta della Madonna, dedicated to Our Lady of Lourdes and Bernadette. The story dates back to the Great War when Alexander and Augusta Breda fell down with the cart from the old Ponte del Caglieron and remained unharmed. After this episode to ask for protection for the crossing of the bridge, a niche was created on the stone in which the photo of the Madonna was placed.

-Luoghi del Cuore FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano)

In 2016, the Caglieron Caves were voted for the FAI (Italian Environment Fund) as Places Del Cuore, and they came in third place, among the places of heart in Italy. There is much more to know about the Caves of Caglieron and for this I invite you to visit the blog page DESTINAZIONE MONTAGNA which has both images and detailed descriptions. And if you still want some pure emotion watch this video by Youtube of the Caglieron Caves, a surreal journey in nature.

How much does the environment around us affect our state of mind? Sometimes taking a path immersed in nature is enough to regenerate.

Photo by Renato Zanette photographer
Hair and make-up by Effetto Moda