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Hotel Calvi  is one of the most romantic places for hospitality in Vittorio Veneto. August is a hot month in every sense. We often stop to think about where we have arrived and in what direction we are going. Holidays and breaks generally serve this purpose. They are a moment of relaxation and inner growth. We look inside ourselves and try to understand what happens. Travel and holidays generally serve this purpose. Physical travels that lead to inner travels. The Hotel is generally the most curious place there is. Destination for romantic trips, where you really find out what it feels like for each other, with the separation from everything and everyone. The emotions of travel enrich relationships, amplify feelings. Durante le vacanze nascono nuovi amori, che forse non sapevi di provare prima dello stretto contatto che porta una vacanza. Tutto può succedere in vacanza. Anche un forte cambiamento degli obiettivi di vita. I always carry a book on vacation, which helps me to develop my thoughts of the moment. Now I’m reading “The Devil and Miss Prym” by Paulo Coelho, one of my favorite writers. The book I bought in my favorite bookshop in Vittorio Veneto, La libreria di via Manini,  was suggested to me by my dear friend William. It speaks of good and evil. Really interesting reflection.HotelCalvi-e-VittorioVeneto-ManuelaGiselAltoe-Minigonneesantaugusta-TwinSet-Liu-Jo-PrimaDonna-AlvieroMartini-MontBlanc-LIO-.jpg


For a trip to a romantic city like Vittorio Veneto, the practical but feminine dress by Liu-Jo is ideal. Used both with the black Liu-Jo belt that makes it mini, a little reimbursed, which without a belt in a slightly more comfortable version. The gold-colored accessories give a sensual touch. The Twin Set sandal is impeccable, in its minimalist shape, which highlights the foot. A trip to an exclusive and important place like Vittorio Veneto, also requires important accessories. In moments of detachment from everything, we often think of the people we love and we miss them. Writing your thoughts and emotions is important. Let us never forget to express our feelings. We are not always given a second chance, from life. The Mont Blanc pen is perfect for expressing important feelings. The suitcase that I absolutely adore is Alviero Martini, he accompanied me on my most beautiful trips and I keep many memories.

Where can you buy these clothes in Vittorio Veneto?

Beige dress and belt all Liu Jo by  Capricci Solo Donna

Twin Set glod sandal by  Peccolo Calzature

Gold bag  by  Prima Donna

Alviero Martini 1′ CLASSE   suitcase  by  De Marchi boutique

LIO hande made in Veneto sun glasses  by  Gli occhiali di Laura

Mont Blanc  pen STAR WALKER MIDNIGHT BLACK  and postcard by Terrassan Cartoleria

earrings by  BallianaGioielli

book “Il Diavolo e laina Prym” by Paulo Coelho by La Libreria di via Manin



Hotel Calvi

Hotel Calvi  is a romantic place, which this year also boasts a beautiful pool on the back garden overlooking the river Meschio. The rooms are very nice, different from each other, which I love in the Hotel. Uniformity bored. Not all people are equal and it is right to respect everyone’s tastes. The location is strategic just steps from via Caprera, near Serravalle, the most romantic area. the northern part of Vittorio Veneto.

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