- Manuela Gisel Altoè - Foto di Renato Zanette Fotografo

Minigonne & Sant’Augusta is here!

Hello beautiful people, I introduce myself, my name is Manuela Gisel Altoè and I live in Vittorio Veneto in Italy. I’m passionate about fashion, but I do not follow trends, i like to customize the outfit. So do not expect me to suggest new fashion trends, because there’s a lot of people better than me who already do it. In addition to the passion for fashion, I have a passion for Vittorio Veneto, my city.

Quindi non aspettatevi da me dei suggerimenti sulle nuove tendenze fashion, perché c’è un sacco di gente più brava di me che lo fa già. Oltre alla passione per la moda, ho una passione per Vittorio Veneto e limitrofi, il mio paese di origine.

In my life I deal with financial markets and the economic well-being of my clients.

I deeply believe that the time has come to look at both fashion and tourism and lifestyle with different eyes. The phenomenon of globalization is over, both in the field of fashion and in that of tourism, today wins originality.

With this blog I want to BREAK THE PATTERNS been created on mass phenomena, the same styles for everyone.

We learn to think with our own head and also to change the way we think about the economy of our country, in fact, in this regard, I strongly believe in the touristic potential of Vittorio Veneto, i think there is a lot to do. In Italy the tendency is to expect that tourism initiatives start from public structures, but our country is simply a group of people that could potentially put the economy back on its feet with a simple comparison of new ideas. For example a blog.

Needless to say that the place I prefer in Vittorio Veneto is the Santuario di Sant’Augusta, it is a mystical place. It is an interesting stage both for religious tourism and for sport.

In Santa Augusta I will dedicate one of the next articles with an outfit chosen by me in Vittorio Veneto stores.

Good life. 🙂

Photos by Renato Zanette Photographer
Makeup and hair by Effetto Moda