Strolling with a good ice cream on the bike path – Ice-cream shop Il Buon Gelato

Bike path inVittorio Veneto

The cycle path is one of the many interesting routes in Vittorio Veneto, for those who love walking. Certainly the Vittorio Veneto cycle path is the ideal route for those who do not like the climb, while the other paths are mostly hilly. It is about 5 km of cycle path along the river Meschio, which starts from San Giacomo di Veglia and ends in Serravalle, where crossing the road one continues on foot on a dirt road along the river Meschio and the Meschietti until reaching Piazza Flaminio. From there you can still continue on two very interesting new routes. On the right side of the square you go towards the Santuario di Sant’Augusta, and upon arriving in Sant’Augusta you can continue on the Altavia del Silenzio route that leads to the Vittorio Veneto refuge in Pizzoc (1420 m in altitude). While on the left you can continue along the suggestive Via Roma (the historic main road to the north), and then continue along Via Caprera to the doors of Vittorio Veneto Nord. Vittorio Veneto is the ideal place for those who love hiking at all levels and for those who love to run both in the plains and uphill on trails in the woods with breathtaking views and a heavenly peace. The cycle path is one of the simplest routes, available to everyone. When I walk on the cycle path in Vittorio Veneto, I let myself be carried away by the sound of the water of the river Meschio, far from the city traffic. How much are you looking for relaxing moments for you? It happens to me more and more often … I try to dedicate to myself at least an hour a day of my time. To the care of my spirit …. to meditation … to sport … Let’s face it, we are always in a hurry and this is why it is essential to stop one houre and think only of us … during the most stressful weeks I cutout this houre on the morning just got up … yes, the alarm sounds a little earlier than usual …. but if the first impact is a shock and flies some imprecation towards this alarm clock that never stops …. after the walk i have a wonderful sensation …. I feel like I’m flying … So energetic and i start the day with a smile …



A-Pista-Ciclabile-Vittorio-Veneto-Il-Buon-Gelato-Renato-Zanette-Fotografo-Manuela-Gisel-AltoeIl Buon Gelato – Ice-cream shop and more


A stop not to be missed along the cycle path is at Il Buon Gelato ice cream parlor. An ice cream shop that boasts 33 ice cream and many ice cream based desserts. In particular, now there are fantastic Easter Doves stuffed with ice cream and with fanciful decorations, perfect for this Easter that promises spring temperatures. In addition to the Colomba Pasquale there are frozen desserts that are real sculptures, finger food of ice-cream really for all tastes and chocolate-based specialties for the colder months. Certainly creativity is not lacking here. This is because the owner, Gianni De Lucca is a Master ice-cream maker who, while giving training courses to other ice cream makers, experiments with continuous research into new processing methods and the production of both semifreddi and new ice cream flavors. Here the ice cream is made with high quality products. Above all, ice cream is an ideal dessert for those who play sports as it is healthy and rich in protein. It’s okay to pay attention to the line, but some pleasure every so often you have to give it to yourself … and then you can make anotherone walks …

D-Pista-Ciclabile-Vittorio-Veneto-Il-Buon-Gelato-Renato-Zanette-Fotografo-Manuela-Gisel-Altoe.jpg“I CAN RESIST EVERYTHING EXCEPT FOR THE TEMPTATIONS”

                                                                                – Oscar Wilde –

D-Pista-Ciclabile-Vittorio-Veneto-Il-Buon-Gelato-Renato-Zanette-Fotografo-Manuela-Gisel-Altoe.jpgSOPPING IN VITTORIO VENETO…..WHERE CAN YOU BUY THE DRESSES IN THE PHOTO?

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