Prosecco and theater, TONIDORO winery

This article opens the prosecco section. This article is dedicated to the TONIDORO winery and its theatrical events in the vineyard. The winery is located in the hills of Carpesica di Vittorio Veneto and produces DOCG Prosecco. To make its cultivation even more sparkling, the ALADINO  theater show of  Vittorio Veneto’s ACCADEMIA TEATRALE LORENZO DA PONTE organizes very suggestive theatrical performances in the middle of the vineyards.

The next date, Saturday 28 April from 3.30 pm, Teatro in Vigna with Aladino. For reservations and info: cell + 39.348.5912456 or


Prosecco e teatro - cantina TonoDoro - Vittorio VenetoAs I anticipated, the  TONIDORO  winery produces Prosecco DOCG and is located in the hills of Vittorio Veneto. The DORO family began to deal with prosecco cultivation since the end of the 1800s. The name of the TONIDORO company is given by the grandfather TONI DORO who comes into possession of the land where today the winery is located in 1956. And so begins a new dream. The landscape is truly magical. In the background there is the hill of Formeniga with its church. The rest of the landscape… vineyards in all their shades… relaxation, sun, wine, silence…The winery produces wine with an eco-sustainable method, with the utmost respect for the environment that surrounds it. This is the future, socialy responsible work

In tal proposito collegati alla pagina In this regard connected to the  TONIDORO facebook  page and look at the TRIPADVISOR reviews.

Hei, look at my outfit with this amazing background … Jeans, sporty-chic … color and spring … then you can find the outfit description …


Against a backdrop of green vines, the blue of jeans makes an excellent contrast. I chose this sporty-chic outfit because prosecco is an elegant wine. Now the sparkling Prosecco brut or extra dry, is consumed in aperitifs and to celebrate important events. So the minimalist jeans sheath dress by KAOS is perfect with heels, suitable for important occasions. I did not want to add much to this dress, because it already has a strong character, and does not need anything else. The black LIU JO bag and the CHANTAL bronze colored shoes are sufficient.

All this is combined with earrings and glasses of Veneto craftsmanship.

Where can you buy these clothes in Vittorio Veneto?

The KAOS  dress and the LIU JO  bag can be found by CAPRICCI, in Galleria Concordia 15 in Vittorio Veneto, near Piazza del Popolo.  CHANTAL shoes can be purchased by CALZATURE PALUDETTI MICHELE, in San Giacomo di Veglia in Vittorio Veneto. The earrings can be purchased by BALLIANA GIOIELLI , in Viale della Vittoria 219, near Piazza del Popolo.

The sunglasses 31.10 by GLI OCCHIALI DI LAURA, are a personal production of the owner of the shop, Laura precisely. The shop is located in Serravalle di Vittorio Veneto, in via Martiri della Libertà 33 in Vittorio Veneto.

Prosecco e Teatro- Cantina ToniDoro - Vittorio Veneto


I am sure that when I say prosecco, all over the world you know that I am talking about wine …. Well, Vittorio Veneto is part of this privileged area, which characterizes the production of prosecco. Hills, sun, evocative landscapes. Thanks to the Confraternity of Prosecco , this wine has become famous all over the world. The desire to enhance the quality of our wine started with this group of dreamers, who meet periodically to develop their dream: wine prosecco. Prosecco DOCG (Denomination of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin), produced in a hilly area of ​​great value, has a limited area of ​​7,000 square meters, while the prosecco DOC includes 9 provinces, between Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia, mainly in Veneto. Prosecco DOCG, is also characterized by the quality of the land that hosts it, particularly rich in minerals, well exposed and drained, that’s why the hilly areas are valuable. The composition of the soil determines the fragrance of the wine and its main characteristics. In this regard, look at this link The land and the vine. Each vineyard has its history and its perfumes. Less the prosecco is treated and more its fragrance changes from one cellar to another. This is the strength of prosecco, so this is the joy of taking a tour of the cellars of Vittorio Veneto between DOCG and Organic, different vines, different terrains and different prosecco characteristics.

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The next article on wine will be dedicated to organic prosecco.