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The legend of Santa Augusta and its miraculous stone

Hello beautiful people, today the background of my outfit is the fantastic Sanctuary of Santa Augusta, the place that I love most of Vittorio Veneto. Here I am relaxed. The look in this case is very important, worthy of this elegant staircaselocated at the foot of the Sanctuary and is the starting point.

Tuta Elisabetta Franchi - Minigonneesantaugusta.com - Manuela Gisel Altoè - Foto Renato Zanette Fotografo

Now we devote ourselves to the outfit and then I’ll tell you all the details of Santa Augusta. My favorite designer, Elisabetta Franchi is the author of this beautiful suit, with fabric worked with precious stones and beads. Also the black jacket, the beige handbag and the black belt are by the designer Elisabetta Franchi. Instead the black decolt is by Nero Giardini and the sunglasses by the designer Alain Mikli. the elegant suit is used a lot during this period, this clothing is practical and versatile, just add a décolleté and you are perfect. Simplicity and comfort. I chose the beige handbag to give some light to the outfit.

I want to tell you about the designer Elisabetta Franchi: in 1996 she opened a small atelier and started producing the homonymous clothing brand. I really like it because its clothing has tailor cuts and high quality fabrics,
this is the main reason for its success. At the same price no other designer can give the same quality. In these years really difficult for Italian fashion, she quickly became famous. I have been wearing Elisabetta Franchi’s clothes for many years, I discovered her clothes when she was not yet famous. Today the women of the show and the singers in Italy often wear Elisabetta Franchi dresses. His clothes are made in Italy. Today she is known and sells all over the world, in particular in the Eastern countries and in China. I advise you to read her beautiful biography.

Where can you buy the clothes I wear, in Vittorio Veneto?

The clothes of the designer Elisabetta Franchi can be found at the Glamor shop in Viale della Vittoria, near Piazza del Popolo. This shop has an important assortment of the clothes of this designer, it is almost single-brand.

The decoltè Nero Giardini’s is sold by Calzature Paludetti Michele in San Giacomo di Veglia, via S. Antonio da Padova 19. Alain Mikli glasses are from Ottica Piccin shop in via Daniele Manin 146.

The Sanctuary of Santa Augusta

The staircase leading to the Sanctuary of Santa Augusta is often used as a backdrop for wedding photos, for its elegance. But I do not recommend going to the Sanctuary of Santa Augusta with this elegant outfit, because there are 300 meters in altitude. The path is made of steps and stones. Quidi I recommend a sports outfit with sneakers. Next to the Sanctuary there is also the comfortable and characteristic Ristoro Santa Augusta which specializes in grilled meat and spit with polenta. Besides being a religious destination, then Santa Augusta is also a gastronomic destination and has a breathtaking view. On Tripadvisor you will find all the details at this link:  Ristoro Santa Augusta.

Minigonneesantaugusta.com - Manuela Gisel Altoè - Sant'Augusta - Scalinata - Foto di Renato Zanette FotografoSanta Augusta is the patron saint of the city of Vittorio Veneto, together with San Tiziano. Poor Augusta was subjected to the worst tortures on the orders of her father. It is a very sad and raw story. Legend has it that Augusta was the daughter of Matrucco who proclaimed himself King and had a fortress built on Mount Marcantone, the same mountain where today is the Sanctuary. When Augusta was born, around 410, her mother lost her life during the birth, then Augusta was transferred and raised in Piai di Fregona, on the castle of a faithfull of the King, where she had all the comforts. The father was pagan and greedy for power and detested Christians. Augusta received baptism and practiced Christianity, without the father knowing. She helped people in need and the Christians persecuted by their father. When his father found out, he inflicted her the worst tortures, from which she miraculously emerged unharmed. his father even tied her to a wheel and had her hurled down the hill, where today is the path of the Sanctuary, but Augusta was miraculously unharmed. It seems that at every point where the wheel has rebounded a shrine has been built. You can see them during the journey to the Sanctuary. Subsequently, however, Matrucco decapitated his daughter, but then regretted it bitterly, gave her a proper burial and abandoned Serravalle di Vittorio Veneto. Matrucco retired to Germany in search of peace. Legend has it that Santa Augusta is able to heal migraine and backache, with its miraculous stone that is at the Sanctuary.

For more information about Santa Augusta I suggest you read:

On the opposite hill, in the direction of the Castle of San Martino, there is the church of San Rocco, which represents the great love of a father for his daughter. This is the umpteenth contrast of Vittorio Veneto, but I’ll talk about it in one of the next articles.

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