Meschio & Meschietti - Vittorio Veneto - Manuela - Gisel Altoè - foto Renato Zanette Fotografo

The magic of water, Meschio and Meschietti

Hello beautiful people, but how beautiful it is to walk along the river Meschio, which crosses Vittorio Veneto and breaks into avarius channels called Meschietti. This happens right in Serravalle di Vittorio Veneto, from Piazza Flaminio going south of the city. It is a romantic and relaxing walk. For this walk I chose a very informal outfit by Elisabetta Franchi, also the handbag is by the designer Elisabetta Franchi. The look is made informal by the comfortable and timeless Superga sneackers The glasses are the unmistakable designer Alain Mikli. In this outfit I want to emphasize the double-breasted blazer that is returning to the limelight. I like the blazer both with the total look outfit elegant that the jacket with ripped jeans and body, as in this case.

Where can you buy these clothes in Vittorio Veneto?

Elisabetta Franchi dressed can be purchased at Glamour in Viale della Vittoria. Superga are from Basic Storm always in Viale della Vittoria. The glasses of Alain Mikli can be purchased from Ottica Piccin in via Manin 146 Vittorio Veneto.

The Meschio river

The river Meschio, which you see in the background of the photo, is 30 km long. The river Meschio was born on the slopes of Mount Visentin in the locality of Savassa Alta, north of Vittorio Veneto. Its sources are spectacular. In this regard, in 2016 the divers made a strupendous video that can be seen on Youtube.

In addition to watching the video read also the story of this fantastic underwater journey in this article on OggiTreviso and this detailed story about the sources of the river Meschio at site Per 4 Piedi. Meschio&Meschietti - Vittorio Veneto - Manuela Gisel Altoè - foto Renato Zanette Fotografo

Serravalle arose thanks to the resources of the river Meschio, as its waters made the surrounding lands habitable and cultivable, from antiquit. Serravalle was a crucial point of union between the mountains and the plain. The river has always had a constant temperature of 11 degrees in both winter and summer, and this feature was crucial in the 1500s to forge swords that had a very robust blade, called “Lame di Serravalle”. Subsequently the Meschio was fundamental for the development of various industrial activities, thanks to the Venetians. Including the production of wool, bells, the development of the spinning mills, etc. For more information read this article about the river Meschio on

The river breaks in various parallel channels, called Meschietti, right behind me in this picture. This is one of the most evocative points of the river. This dividing structure of the river was built around 1500, after a great flood that caused the Meschio river to overflow and widen Serravalle. Even today, the river is an important resource, in fact many mini power plants are active along the course. If the Meschio river were not there would be no Vittorio Veneto born, in particular Serravalle.

Be like water, try to adapt to every situation. If your opponent opens, close. If he closes, open up.

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

Good life and good shopping.