Villa Croze, Civic Gallery “Vittorio Emanuele II” and location for small events

Villa Croze

Vittorio Veneto is a city rich in villas and museums, but Villa Croze deserves special attention for its multi-functionality as well as for the charm of this building and the importance of the collection it houses. We are talking about 620 works from the Paludetti collection, this is one of the most important art collections in the Veneto region of the early 1900s, including Pino Casarin, Guido Cadorin, Armando Tonello, and Luigi Cillo.

Villa Croze has been hosting the Vittorio Emanuele II Civic Gallery since 2002 by Professor Giovanni Paludetti (1912-2002) and thanks to his donations. Villa Croze was built with the architect Carlo Costantini’s project in 1906 for the Engineer Ottavio Croze. After having been the residence of the Croze family, it had several owners until it became precisely in 2002 Galleria Civica Vittorio Emanuele II. It is located on the main street of Vittorio Veneto, Viale della Vittoria, which used to be called Viale della Concordia. The villa houses the Paludetti collection with 620 works of medieval, modern and contemporary art, mainly Venetian, including paintings, prints, furnishings, carpets and objects. Professor Giovanni Paludetti was a man of great culture, he was a professor and headmaster of various institutes as well as collaborating with various newspapers and publishing poetry books and essays on art and history. He loved to surround himself with beautiful things between paintings and objects, plus he bought from the Croze family their furniture from the early 1900s for his home. Today they are part of the Civic Gallery exhibition. Initially Paludetti collected works exclusively of Venetian artists, then also added works by non-Venetian artists who also operated in the lagoon.

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Villa Croze is not just this. From the photos you can see that the location can also be used for the celebration of weddings for those looking for a more evocative environment of the city Hall, as well as hosting temporary exhibitions, small events and various initiatives. Today marriage is no longer an obligatory stop, but a choice. Cohabitation is now normality and often marriage is a next step that consolidates the relationship. I am very moved by the second marriage with the same person … The greatest love is the one found after the roads have been separated for a period … in this case the feeling is really deep. I believe that today more importance is given to marriage than in the past, precisely because it is a choice not an imposition of society and therefore must also be celebrated in an original and personal way. I find that Villa Croze is perfect.


At this time and until June 30, Villa Croze and the Museo dei Cenedesi host the photographic exhibition “ARGENTO VITTORIESE”. This is a collection of photographic portraits from the first two decades of the 1900s selected by the “Francesco Burighel Collection” which is the result of a finding by Dr. Burighel in 2003, during the restoration of Villa Correr in Ceneda di Vittorio Veneto. 505 old glass jelly sheets with silver salts were found, most of them in good condition, which had been kept in the hollow of a walled window. Most are portraits of families of the time. It is a truly suggestive villa.

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Commenting on a wedding dress does not make much sense. Every woman has her wedding dress, suitable only for her. with wide skirt, with straight skirt, more low-cut, less low-cut, wide, narrow, etc. The wedding day is a special day, it is said that it is forever, even if it is often not so and even love ends. We often get married for the second time and it cannot be said that it is more special than the first, but it is otherwise special, the result of a more mature and considered choice. But there are also those who get carried away by passion after having held emotions for a lifetime, and let themselves go for the first time in old age, after having led a bachelor life full of enthusiasm and then suddenly know the passion, the great love , that makes you stop flying from flower to flower without giving more than a few futile moments of passion. The time has come to stop running away. Marriage has many facets, for each of us it is a different story, but here I represent it in its most traditional form. White dress and white shoes, that’s how I like to interpret it.

G-Villa-Croze,Renato-Zanette-Fotografo,Manuela-Gisel-Altoè,Minigonne-e-Sant'Augusta,Favole-sposa, (2)SHOPPING IN VITTORIO VENETO…WHERE CAN YOU BUY OBJECTS IN PHOTOS?

Wedding dress by Favole sposa

Giulia pumps by Calzature Michele Paludetti

Earrings by Gioielli Balliana

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