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We’re all heroes: Eroica 15-18 Marathon

Hello beautiful people,
as I mentioned in the introduction, Vittorio Veneto will be the background for most of the outfits of this blog. Vittorio Veneto with its events, tourist spots and shops.I chose this DANI SHOP outfit, particularly colorful and comfortable, for free time, on the occasion of the Eroica Marathon, because this spring / summer will be full of color, and I that in my closet I have mostly black I decided to make a change turnaround. The Eroica 15-18 Marathon will be an event that will bring a breath of joy to Vittorio Veneto, totally in contrast with the First World War that will remember. I want to emphasize this contrast. The end of the First World War was a starting point for a new life for everyone. The Eroica 15-18 Marathon will be a starting point for a new life for Vittorio Veneto. So it’s time to change even in clothing, there’s a need for fresh air in the closets. If you notice, the collections of this spring are very colorful, new outfits that differ completely from the previous collections, great sign of change. I chose this fuchsia combination, because I find the shape of the sleeves interesting that gives importance and elegance to the garment. on the other hand, the trousers with side stripes recall the tracksuit, so the outfit becomes sporty-chic.

Where can you buy the clothes I wear, in Vittorio Veneto?

The clothes are by DANI SHOP, in Vittorio Veneto in the beautiful Viale della Vittoria, an avenue suitable for relaxing walks.
The sneakers of Quattrobarradodici instead are at the Tadiotto store in Largo Cavallotti Felice 3 near Piazza del Popolo.
The designe Alain Mikli’s sunglasses can be purchased at Ottica Piccin in via Manin 146, in Salsa.

Vittorio Veneto is definitely a city that is dedicated to sport in any form, its landscape is relaxing, surrounded by greenery and surrounded by hills with a breathtaking view. The most important of these, my beloved Santuario di Santa Augusta, but there are many others that can be admired in the sporting event of the year: the Eroica 15-18 Marathon which will take place on Sunday 18 March 2018. For further information look at

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This country of a thousand shades has been the scene of great battles and places of conquest. The most important battle for Italy was the Great War of 15-18, for this Vittorio Veneto, on the occasion of the centenary has many events scheduled. Not to forget how lucky we are today, and how much our soldiers have suffered to give us the freedom to live in peace and well-being, I recommend this link: Vittorio Veneto, the real victory of the Great War that many want to forget.

Today we celebrate peace.

The Eroica 15-18 Marathon

The Eroica 15-18 Marathon will be the sporting event that will open a series of military gatherings to commemorate the centenary of the First World War, which ended with the victory in Vittorio Veneto. It ended with a terrible battle that took place between October 24 and November 4, 1918. The path of Eroica 15-18 Marathon is very demanding for the 600 meters difference in altitude, but also very scenic. Watch this beautiful video of the path on YouTube:


Good life and good shopping