Vestito Giallo - - Manuela Gisel Altoè - foto Renato Zanette Fotografo

“You are what you think you are”

Hello beautiful people, “you are what you think you are” it’s a sentence that says a lot without saying anything. This sentence is one of my favorite quotes, to the point that I have personalized the cellphone cover with this writing, at Foto Turchetto in Vittorio Veneto.

This saying also applies to clothing, you dress for what you think you are. Clothes make the man.

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Vestito Giallo - - Manuela Gisel Altoè - foto Renato Zanette Fotografo

With this article I want to emphasize the importance of clothing to ourselves and to others. People often do not believe much in their abilities. They do not take care of their image or they do it keeping an insignificant look. In some cases, however, if people have an important appointment, both work and private, they dress very well to gain security. One thing is certain, if you believe in your work, taking care of the details of your image helps a lot. When I found my way in the professional sector, I looked for clothes that represented my work, I wanted my dress to become my second skin.

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With this outfit I want to represent my state of mind. This yellow and black dress by Elisabetta Franchi has new colors, a sign of change. It is sober but at the same time young. It might also be interesting to wear it with black sneakers that make it informal. I chose an elegant and classic style with the decollè by Nero Giardini, elegant but confortable. The bag by Elisabetta Franchi is sober, but becomes original with the small beige jewel accessory. I find that the size of the bag is impeccable, neither too big nor too small. The Vuarnet sunglasses, are more sporty and energetic.

Where can you buy the clothes I wear, in Vittorio Veneto?

The dress and the handbag of the designer Elisabetta Franchi are from the Glamour Store in Viale della Vittoria, near Piazza Del Popolo.
The decoltè by Nero Giardini can be found at Calzature Paludetti Michele in San Giacomo di Veglia, Via S.Antonio da Padova 19.
The Vuarnet Sunglasses can be found at Ottica Piccin in via Manin 146 in the locality of Salsa.

What is our opinion of ourselves? Seriously I mean, not the version we give to others, but the one we have in our heart. If we believe we are not capable, we will never be, I mean in any field. However, if in our heart we decide that WE ARE CAPABLE of doing it, we must consider facing a series of obstacles before reaching our dream. Let us also remember that obstacles come together when one tries to realize one’s dreams. The outfit launches very strong signals about how much we believe in ourselves and about what we do in life that truly represents us. Are we convinced of what we do and how we live our dreams or not?

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Good life and good shopping.